As a pastor in Augusta, I am writing to express my support of the proposed $15 million Senior Affordable Housing Bond — Question 2 — to be voted on this Nov. 3.

The money raised would provide for the construction of 225 affordable homes for seniors, who will pay a portion of their income for rent.

This effort will help many groups in Maine, not only the seniors who will be housed in these new affordable homes, but also the construction workers, the architects and engineers, as well as the those who will benefit from the portion of the bond that will be devoted to home repair and weatherization.

People who own these new homes will pay property taxes, which will benefit their towns.

With this being the oldest state in the nation, it is important that the shortage of proper homes for our Maine seniors be addressed. A yes vote on Question 2 will help meet that need.

Fr. Frank Morin, pastor

St. Michael Parish


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