On Oct. 16, C-Span presented a town hall with Hillary Clinton, held at Keene State College in New Hampshire.

The hall was packed with what I perceived were in-the-tank Clinton supporters. I was particularly interested when a young man questioner proudly proclaimed to everyone watching: “I am a bisexual!” The Holy Bible says, “The disobedient to God’s laws proudly proclaim their sins.”

I wondered about children who might have been watching the event. Did they wonder what a bisexual is and if they can be a bisexual? My heart broke to think that this young man could influence any child into this way of life.

My heart was broken about the moral ambivalence of a bisexual person. My heart was broken that this young man could not have deep conviction about what a moral life should be.

How did he get to the point of boasting of moral ambivalence? The sexual freedom movement presents the idea of any sexual behavior as acceptable — not only acceptable but there be no penalty for all the moral ills of our nation.

Elaine B. Graham


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