I read the letter by Albert Boynton, “Gun death cartoon inspires idea of anti-abortion one,” in the Oct. 19 newspaper in which he comments on a previous newspaper cartoon supposedly blaming the U.S. House and Senate for the “mass murder of innocent American civilians.” Boynton then goes on to imagine a similar cartoon blaming the U.S. Supreme Court and Planned Parenthood for the “mass murder of 55 million innocent American civilians.”

We, of course, have heard that before, but what I am still waiting to hear is support for birth control (provided by Planned Parenthood), which has been shown to reduce unwanted pregnancies, and for early childhood education.

The argument could be made that pro-life folks are only concerned about life before it is born. After that, kids, we’re on our own. That sure doesn’t sound much like freedom to me.

If I’m wrong, perhaps someone could set me straight.

Bill Williamson


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