Maine seniors need our votes.

The senior housing bond question is Question 2 on the statewide ballot on Election Day, Nov. 3, to authorize the sale of $15 million in general obligation bonds to be used in combination with more than $22 million in leveraged funds for the construction of affordable, highly energy efficient homes for Maine seniors across the state.

Housing for seniors and jobs, lots of them in every county, is a win-win for Maine.

Maine has the eighth-oldest housing stock in the nation and the oldest population, with a shortage of nearly 9,000 units of affordable housing for seniors. Along with the critically needed senior housing, the bond would provide construction sector jobs, an area that has yet to recover from the recession. Building affordable homes for seniors would provide critically needed work for Maine people and is expected to generate more than $15 million from the sale of building materials. It also would generate millions of dollars in increased state and local revenue from income and sales taxes and development related fees.

The senior housing bond benefits everyone generating senior housing in Maine, jobs in Maine and local revenue in Maine. I encourage others to join us and vote yes on Question 2.

Bob and Carol MacDougall


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