The approval rating of Congress has slumped to a dismal 17 percent. We should not be surprised. These politicians have become virtual puppets. They won their congressional seats by selling their allegiances to the powerful people whose donations financed their campaigns.

Once in office, accepting legalized bribes from lobbyists just puts them deeper into the pockets of the puppet masters.

The masters are the billionaires, institutions and corporations who control more than 95 percent of U.S. wealth and power. Their greed is insatiable, and they care little about the welfare of others.

Frustration and anger over Congress’ failure to stand up for the average American is widespread and appropriate. Too many in Congress work for the masters and enable them to grab a ever-increasing share of the prosperity pie. Their assignment is to cut taxes for the rich and let other Americans fight over the crumbs.

We all must be aware that the puppet masters are pulling the strings. They are buying control of government, and they own the media that shape their message and promote their strategies while they confuse and misguide the public.

Our dysfunctional government is not an accident. It is one of the primary goals of the puppet masters. Only government has the potential to rein in their power, so spreading discord and chaos weakens government and helps to ensure unfettered freedom and greed.

These strategies have been fantastically successful. Current high levels of economic inequality have not been seen in a hundred years!

Perhaps we should feel sorry for the puppet masters. Think how hard it must be to get away with trampling over the other 99 percent. The masters must keep them at bay, distracted, divided and squabbling. They must keep the misinformation flowing while they make their puppets dance.

John Benziger

South China

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