U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree’s Nov. 12 column, “Pingree: We can’t afford to be blindsided by ocean acidification,” concerning acidification’s current and future effect on the Gulf of Maine, was insightful and thought provoking. She called for more study of the problem.

While I agree that more study of the impacts and of potential remedies is justified, there is more we can and should do. Ocean acidification is the direct result of carbon emissions from fossil fuel. A carbon fee and dividend program would send a clear economic message that other forms of energy are preferable and less damaging to the gulf, as well as to public health and the climate. A carbon fee and dividend would put a predictable price on fossil fuels, and return the revenues to residents. Most of us would receive a net economic benefit, as well as having a safer and cleaner world to live in.

Much of Maine’s economy depends on the health of its salt and fresh waters, as well as other elements of our beautiful environment. Since we are downwind of most of the United States, we would benefit significantly by a reduction in carbon emissions.

Andrews Tolman


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