Winslow public officials apparently have agreed to discontinue all town garbage services to the former Pine View trailer park just off Augusta Road. Town officials say that town insurance does not allow for this pick-up, although it was provided for the several years on behalf of the previous park owner.

The park is taxed by the town, and homeowners, individually, pay taxes on more than 40 homes in this park. The tax assessor is allowed to enter the park periodically to inspect properties for tax increases. This property is visited frequently by the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, Fed-Ex, Time Warner, Dish TV, Kennebec Water District and Central Maine Power to name but a few businesses. The town also collects park sewerage fees from the homeowners as well.

Park residents have a right to expect something in return for their taxes and fees. Many of these park residents are seniors or veterans, or both. Several of these seniors suffer from the typical senior illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and dementia. They are not receiving massive increases from Social Security or Gov. Paul LePage’s public employee pensions.

The numerous veterans, who live in this park, have served in Vietnam, Panama and Iraq. I would hope that American Legion and VFW organizations in this area would note how veterans are being deprived of basic town services.

Although Winslow cannot pick up the garbage for the park’s residents, I see that the town apparently has adequate resources to send police protection to neighboring communities. Now the town council is approving thousands of dollars to add an additional police officer.

I am very proud of the Winslow football team, but I believe the town government is having a losing season.

Ray Weed


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