The front-page coverage of big bucks back in Maine is the best article the newspaper has published in years.

I am an 80-year-old deer hunter, and I remember when there were deer in Maine, especially up north, like these 200 pounds and up. I have many 200-plus patches and two beauties, 8-point and 10-point, on my wall.

Then came the coyote problem, which was never addressed or recognized by the fish and game department. Before 1985, we did not see a coyote track any where up north. Then they appeared, and the deer disappeared.

What great news that the people at 15 Mile Stream Lodge and Outfitters have eliminated 300 coyotes over six years. How many deer have been saved by doing this?

This article confirms what I and other older hunters have known for years. Why doesn’t the fish and game department do things like this to address the declining deer situation and bring the big bucks back to all of northern Maine.

If the department joined the team, the trophy hunters — like I used to be when I was younger — would come back to Maine.

I hope the folks at the lodge keep up the great work, and maybe the fish and game department will give them great recognition for saving our deer herd in their area and establish a plan, finally, for the rest of the state.

Robert C. Hughgill


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