I take great umbrage with the opinion page cartoon published on Dec. 6 on at least two levels.

The foremost is the bastardization of the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America.

The next is the slanderous portrayal of a terrorist speaking his “pledge” behind a lectern bearing a great seal intended to represent that of the National Rifle Association.

The closing part of this pledge, “… with a bullet in the head for all,” seems more appropriate as a slogan for the city of Chicago, often referred to as President Barack Obama’s hometown.

The “pledge” makes reference to a “nation under siege.” This I can agree with. We are under siege to what on the surface appears to be a number of bumbling missteps by the current administration on every level. Or are they missteps?

The administration has very successfully, fomented racial tensions; inflamed ethnic animosities; driven an ever-growing wedge between occupants of differing economic strata; imposed crushing new regulations affecting businesses at all levels, serving to stifle economic growth and diminish prosperity broadly; instituted policies that have severely weakened U.S. respect and strength worldwide; has a lead-from-behind strategy that has allowed and encouraged the formation and unchecked growth of radical segments of religious groups, moving unopposed, toward their desired religious prophecy of Armageddon as their pathway to eternal afterlife; and allowed an invasion of our country, from those who would simply enjoy and embrace what America is to those who intend to kill all who do not ascribe to their eighth-century views.

I am reminded of a novel, “The Manchurian Candidate” by Richard Condon, and two films (1962, 2004) of the same name, and I wonder, “Did the U.S. twice elect “The Mecca Candidate”?

Michael A. Cameron


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