We keep hearing all the pros and cons about bringing thousands of Syrian refugees over here. That sounds like a very humanitarian idea, but maybe we should face a few hard facts, and then ask some questions.

For instance, when does this country reach the saturation point? How many more people can we crowd in here? When every last foot of this country is covered with people, where do we find open ground to raise the millions of tons of food needed to feed everyone?

When all the forests are gone, where will the animals go? Will they all become extinct from lack of habitat?

How many more terrorists do we let slip in? Don’t we have enough here already, home-grown?

Have we so soon forgotten 9/11, the Boston Marathon, the Murrah Building in Oklahoma, etc.?

And where are all these people going to find jobs? Can our welfare system take care of them, when it is already too strained to give decent care for our own war veterans, our elderly, our homeless? How many more homeless do we need begging in the streets?

This country is beginning to resemble the kind-hearted little old woman who rescues a stray dog, then a cat, then another cat, and then one day she has 75 animals in her house, all in various stages of illness, neglect and starvation because she simply can’t afford to feed them and doesn’t have the facilities for them.

Is this what we want?

Phyllis Berry, North Anson

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