As the holiday season nears, and I read the police logs, I realize how lost the world is getting.

Consistently, people are being a nuisance as a result of bad decisions.

The majority of law enforcement issues seem to be a direct result of someone letting their emotions drive their decisions.

All too often, people add drugs and/or alcohol to an already bad situation.

The majority of traffic issues seem to have someone being stupid and/or reacting to their own emotions and letting that turn into a bad decision behind the wheel.

Worst of all are people who do not have their own lives in order but then bring children into this screwed-up situation. That is the most irresponsible and immoral act one can do.

Those of us who are functional in this life wish some of those who are lost would stop and try to get themselves somewhat to the point of being less of a problem to society. It’s the least they could do.

If they blame others for their problems, they should look in the mirror, where they will find the person causing their issues.

Mike Swanholm


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