As puppets on a string, we head to the polls every year to vote, and nothing ever changes. Our government seems to become more tyrannical each passing year. The faces and the names may change, but the elite ruling class stays in power.

Our nation is in trouble, and there are only few ways you and I can force change. Our Founding Fathers put in place measures that would ensure that all Americans could remain free for generations to come.

One right they gave us was the Second Amendment, only be used as the last extreme. The other and more sensible road to freedom is Article Five of the Constitution. It gives the states the power to call for a Constitutional Convention.

I’ve been giving serious thought as whether to join with this group of patriots, petitioning our state to enact its powers calling for a convention. I have concluded there is no other way. I am joining the movement.

I encourage others to join us by finding out more at According to the website, the convention has been endorsed by such well-known people as Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity.

John Hopkins


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