Two more seasons of “Girls.” That’s all you get.

E! Online broke the story that the show is going to wrap after season six, which isn’t a huge shocker. Back in March, co-creator Jenni Konner told the Hollywood Reporter: “We’re not in the business of running (‘Girls’) into the ground. We would like to end in a graceful place. And we’d like to tell a complete story. What that means is that we really have to start building towards an end soon, creatively.”

In a world where shows run out of creative juice but keep puttering along (looking at you, “Bones”) or, worse, refuse to just go away (ahem, “Fuller House”), Konner and her creative partner, Lena Dunham, want to go out on a high note.

Of course, we don’t have to say goodbye right away. Season five airs on Feb. 21, which means there’s plenty of time for Dunham’s onscreen alter-ego, Hannah Horvath, to make many more cringe-inducingly bad decisions.

Since debuting in 2012, “Girls” has won over critics with its spot-on depiction of millennials and their listless arrested development. It’s won Golden Globes, Emmys and Critics’ Choice Awards, not to mention an army of fans.

The show also made celebrities of its cast and creators, which may be another reason to say goodbye. After all, Adam Driver will probably be pretty busy over the coming years, given that he’s the new face of “Star Wars” villainy.

Meanwhile, Konner and Dunham have diversified. They started a newsletter, Lenny, where they’ve interviewed notable figures (including Hillary Clinton) and let artists give first-person accounts of their lives.

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