People often complain about government, so I wanted to be sure to share a positive story about our local senator.

As we prepared to open a new restaurant in Clinton, we hit a snag in getting a health inspector to visit the location. With a deadline looming that, if missed, would have resulted in a delayed opening, unpaid employees, and spoiled food, I called up Sen. Scott Cyrway, R-Benton. He immediately (and “immediately” is not an exaggeration) contacted the proper authorities at the Department of Health and Human Services, and that very afternoon we had our inspection completed and were approved to open the next day. He then came by the next day to help us celebrate the opening of the store.

It is wonderful to have a local official so ready and willing to help, and to be so effective in doing so. Cyrway clearly understands the importance of local businesses and has the ability to help us out.

I am certain this is not the only example of his effectiveness in Augusta, and I am glad to know he is serving us. People in the greater Waterville area can breathe easy knowing we have him standing up for us.

Claustin Lawrence


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