Where are the calls for charges against Mark Eves and Bill Brown?

People were quick to denigrate Gov. Paul LePage for his perceived role concerning Good Will-Hinckley’s withdrawal of a job offer made to House Speaker Mark Eves. Unethical abuse of power, cried the governor’s opponents.

Yet those same people remain surprisingly quiet now that Bill Brown’s testimony reveals, in my opinion, the unethical abuse of power was exercised by Brown and Eves.

Brown testified that he provided House Speaker Eves assistance throughout the job application and interview process. Assistance exclusive to the speaker. This assistance was provided by Brown while he was employed by Eves and serving as chairman of the board of the charter school that Good Will-Hinckley operates.

Now that’s what I call unethical. Fraud is defined as wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. Their plot, in my opinion, endeavored to defraud the taxpayers of Maine by creating the illusion of a legitimate hiring process.The plot attempted to secure employment for Eves by way of wrongful deception. As a minimum Eves has been awarded $30,000 for his efforts. That’s the amount Good Will-Hinckley offered as a severance package. Severance for a job he fraudulently obtained.

Where is the call for an investigation into the actions of Brown and Eves? Why haven’t we heard rumbling from the attorney general’s office?

Mike Holt


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