We live in a new world. For Christmas, I got a little half-ounce drone that flies inside. My neighbor got a camera-equipped drone that ended about 60 feet up in my tree. Everyone should search “drone lily camera” on Youtube to see the brave new world we are in. It’s amazing.

From the Internet we know that among all of us there are a few bad apples and we must pay attention to those. Above 500 feet the government controls the sky. Below that may be a limbo. A judge declared a Kentucky man had the right to shoot down a drone over his property.

Therefore, the Legislature should address privacy above our properties.

I think it would be best to address commercial and private flight separately. For private flight, the rule would be simple. If a drone flies over private property without permission and its camera can discern a person lying naked on the ground, then that is a violation of privacy, even if the camera is turned off and/or there is no such naked person.

Any commercial law should need renewal every year to recognize that this is a rapidly changing part of our lives.

The legislature and governor should stop their self-destructive debates long enough to address this issue so that the courts have some guidance.

Personal drones should be flown where they are fun and do not violate other people’s rights.

Tom Berger


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