On Dec. 21, a busload of 100 people, both Muslims and Christians, was going down a country road in Kenya. Their police escort had broken down so they were not protected. A party of Al-Shabaab terrorists held up the bus at gunpoint and demanded that the Christians aboard the bus come out.

The Muslims aboard the bus, knowing that the Christians would be killed, loaned their clothing to the Christians and told the terrorists that they were all Muslims and that the terrorists would have to kill them all. The terrorists fled.

This is the kind of courage that we all need to have. People the world over who have love in their hearts must stand together against terrorism, but also against the hatred and distrust that foments fear and violence.

That means that we must all look for pathways to know each other better and to welcome immigrants and anyone in need without fear. We need to look with suspicion on all politicians who brand entire nationalities or religious and ethnic groups as dangerous.

If we fail in this, we endanger our democracy and the values that make us strong.

Diane Potter


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