A Wall Street Journal study last year named Waterville the poorest town in Maine. A shiny new downtown will help our image, but does little to address our own issue of poverty.

This is not about welfare or disability payments. They make a part of the picture, but the real issue is a minimum wage that cannot support even a single person. There is only one candidate for president who understands the current, trickle-down scheme. There is only one presidential candidate willing to take on the greedy class, a group taking more and more for themselves and leaving less for everyone else.

Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont, is challenging those who control Washington and the American economy. He is the only candidate demanding the return of our democracy.

Sanders proposes economics from the ground up and an end to the disaster of top down. No big corporate donors. No super PACs. Bernie Sanders candidacy is a champion for the heart and soul of this country.

Stephen Aucoin


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