WATERVILLE — Police are trying to identify a male customer who may have threatened to rob a Burger King cashier Saturday night before he ordered food and then left the Kennedy Memorial Drive restaurant.

Deputy police Chief Charles Rumsey said Monday that a Burger King employee reported that the incident occurred around 9:30 p.m. Saturday when a customer ordered food at the counter.

“When the individual approached the counter, he said something to her that initially led her to believe she was being robbed,” Rumsey said. The clerk did not immediately report the possible threat because the customer then said something to the effect that he was “just kidding around,” Rumsey said.

“The suspect remained in the store, ordered food, received food there and left,” he said. “The employee did not make the report to police until the next day after apparently speaking with family members and the (restaurant) manager.”

Rumsey declined Monday to give a description or estimated age of the man.

“That is part of our investigation,” he said. “We are working to identify and intend to identify and speak to that person.”

Rumsey said that police could charge the person, depending on what his intent was when he talked about robbing the restaurant and what the reaction was of the clerk to whom he made the statement.

“Depending on a variety of factors, there are a number of criminal statutes that may have been violated,” Rumsey said.

Those charges could include anything from disorderly conduct to terrorizing, he said.

Rumsey asks that anyone with information should call police at 680-4700. Officer Codey Fabian is investigating the case, he said.

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