I’d like to thank Gov. Paul LePage for once again making my blood boil, my blood pressure rise and my attempt to remain calm and bipartisan crumble.

His actions to fund only his portion, law enforcement, for our drug epidemic once again enforces the obvious myopic, solipsistic and petty attempt of his to bully his way around the Legislature.

Rather than have an adult dialogue and attempt a resolve disagreements, he chooses to ignore what so many have proven to be a necessary road — enforcement and treatment. I am not aware of the governor’s medical credentials to determine the efficacy of treatment — please correct me if I am wrong.

LePage turns his back on the poor by refusing to accept Medicaid expansion funds, and he turns his back on addicts and those at-risk by selecting incarceration over education and treatment. He plays dangerous and expensive games with allocated monies, and fails to represent all the people of Maine. By doing so, he has reneged on his gubernatorial pledge.

He asked for us to voice our desire for him to resign.

I did. He didn’t. It’s time for him to man up and move on.

Olivia Atherton


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