Two years ago a legislative panel defeated a bill that would have banned the use of cell phones while driving a vehicle on Maine roads. This bill had been proposed by Sen. Roger Katz, R-Augusta.

Although the entire population of Maine and all visitors to our state would have benefited from this bill, it appeared the Legislative panel was not interested in giving up their own use of the phone while driving, so the majority voted to support it.

Once again our Legislature is returning to Augusta this month. If this bill was again proposed and passed this time, and then the session was adjourned, it would be one of the most successful sessions on record. The people of Maine would see a huge increase in highway safety like never before.

Our neighbors Vermont and New Hampshire have seen the value in it, along with many other states.

It’s time our elected officials put the safety of the traveling public ahead of self-interestes and make this a law in Maine also.

David Hayden


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