In response to the Jan. 9 editorial, “Gov. LePage should not speak for Maine on race,” neither should the news media attack the governor for what they judged were “racially insensitive” remarks.

As a Maine woman (who has “black” in our family background) I did not take offense because none was meant.

However, those who want to manufacture “grist for the mill” will seize on any opportunity to undermine and denigrate whatever LePage tries to accomplish.

In fact, it was only when a political operative who spoon-fed the reporters what LePage “really” meant that the news media chose to jump on that opportunistic bandwagon.

This operative must spend untold hours going over with a fine-tooth comb every single speech that the governor makes, and when an inadvertent remark is made, all hell breaks loose against the governor. Too bad those who attack aren’t held to the same standards and scrutiny.

So contrary to the newspaper’s admonition, I don’t intend to “stay silent” and thereby be counted as one of his supporters. I fully intend to be vocal in my support. And even with his perceived flaws and shortcomings, the majority of Maine voters still stand with the governor.

Pat Truman


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