As Kennebec Land Trust members we were pleased by the recent news that the funds approved by Maine voters for Land for Maine’s Future program had finally been released to support the purchase of the Howard Hill property in Augusta.

These funds represent approximately one-third of the cost of acquisition of Howard Hill, a property the land trust recognizes as a “unique natural, historic, and scenic forest” that offers a multitude of conservation and recreational opportunities to the Maine community.

Much of the additional cost for acquiring this property has been met by donations from individuals and Maine businesses. However, an additional $140,000 is required to meet the land trust’s debt obligations incurred to support the purchase, transaction costs, and long-term stewardship of Howard Hill.

We encourage all interested individuals and businesses to consider donations to the land trust in support of finalizing this project, the subsequent ownership of the property by the city of Augusta, and land trust’s stewardship of the associated conservation easement.

Additional information is available on the land trust’s website at

Jane Giglio, Wayne

Ralph Record. Wayne

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