I completely agree with the Belgrade selectmen on their decision not to support the proposed budget article creating a full-time library director with benefits.

It seemed to be an “It would be nice to have” project rather than one that is needed. We should do what we can afford, such as, find a director who wants 32 hours a week that does not need benefits. They are out there.

For example, the new town office is being built at a cost much less than the original plan and this one looks great.

For another example, it would be nice if we resurfaced Bartlett Road twice as often as we do now, but the thing is, somebody has to pay for it.

I budget $50 a month more now to pay my property taxes than I did four years ago and have to cut out many of my “nice-to-do” things. Thanks to the selectmen for trying to hold our tax bills down.

Lou Ashland


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