Dennis Perkins (“GOP is reaping what they sowed,” letter, Jan. 7) seems to assume that most Republicans are duly represented by Progressives who have been elected within our party, his so-called “remaining voices of sanity.” Not so. Evidence: the protests of thousands of Republicans in recent years, followed by the takeover of many elected positions by conservative candidates.

If he believes Trump, Cruz and Carson “seem devoid of experience, integrity and common sense,” I ask, compared to whom? All have remarkable backgrounds of accomplishments and accolades of many who know them. Any of these men would make a more formidable, intelligent and trustworthy leader of our country than what we have now, or what is offered by the Democrats.

I would caution him against calling any of these candidates a flea, or the people and media who support them a dog. Many of his friends and neighbors identify with one of them passionately!

An adequate response to his parroted claims of a Republican war on women, science, compassion, yada yada yada, will not fit the space allowed here. I recommend some personal research that includes sources unbiased to his preferred position and some time spent listening to the “voices on the right” he claims are without journalistic integrity.

Hearing both sides might be a real eye-opener. He might discover why Republicans are sick and tired of the uber-control, bias and corruption that is rampant in our government and mainstream media today and why these named men and others are now running for president and other elected offices. It’s the same reason why so many “real Republicans” and real Americans — yes, Democrats, Green/Independents and unenrolleds — support these three great men he so blatantly maligned.

Perkins should ask around, outside his liberal circle. He might be surprised what you learn.

Shane Reitze


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