Maine legislators have begun 2016 with the same display of cowardice they have shown for years under our present governor. Their failure to question our governor’s actions has shown their indifference toward the concerns of Maine residents.

Whether the governor is innocent or guilty of crimes of a criminal or moral nature is not clear. Thanks to our legislative members, no definite answers will be forthcoming.

Fear of political and public repercussions has obviously turned our legislators into statues, even though the electorate has a right to expect state government to act in the best interests of this state.

For good or ill, Mainers expect members of our governing body to act in a responsible manner and to police those who may have abused their position in our government. Those elected to state office should be held to a high standard that prohibits obstruction of legal processes and self-serving actions. If such violations occur, the Legislature is legally and morally bound to investigate violations that may have occurred.

Failure to act on the public’s behalf is a violation of the trust imparted by the electorate. Mainers need to pressure their representatives to follow the existing process until a clear determination of guilt or innocence is made. If our current political representation, regardless of political affiliation, fails to act then Mainers should seek new sources of representation.

Henry Wilcox


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