The world is falling apart and many have either left God or ignore Him. But there are still a few whom walk or try to walk a righteous path. Sometimes the simplest or smallest good deed can have a lasting impact, provide hope, strengthen faith and to be a good witness for our purpose on this broken planet.

I walked in the storm to surprise my wife with a rose, but because I did not want the wind and snow to hurt her rose, I asked a stranger at Hannaford if he would drive me home for $5. This very kind man understood my dilemma and not only brought me home for free, but went back to the store, as I had left my gloves there. This was a second deed in one night! I only have his first name, Dana, so this letter is for you Dana to say thank you and to encourage others to do the same, pay it forward, to love thy neighbor and to keep faith in this crumbling world. Thanks again Dana and God bless.

Jacob Fongemie


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