WATERVILLE — An additional 30 employees of Huhtamaki’s Waterville plant have been temporarily laid off, the company said Monday.

Monday’s layoffs come in the wake of another 25 to 30 layoffs that occurred at Huhtamaki’s Waterville plant over the last month. The most recent wave of layoffs was announced Monday, which is when the affected employees were also notified.

The layoffs will be effective Feb. 1, according to a press release from Huhtamaki spokesman Wess Huddleson.

The temporary layoffs are the “result of multiple factors related to several customers and their needs coming together to cause a slowdown in production,” the release said.

The first temporary layoffs, announced in December, were reportedly related to the slowdown of orders for packaging used by the Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant chain. In recent month, Chipotle has seen a decline in sales while they deal with recent outbreaks of food-borne illness connected to its food products.

In an interview Monday, Huddleson said the new wave of layoffs were not solely related to the decline in orders from Chipotle alone, but a decline in orders in an area of products overall.

Huddleson said that when temporary layoffs were announced in December, there was an idea that more might be needed in the future. He stressed that these are temporary layoffs, but that there is not “a specific time line” of when the jobs will be reinstated.

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