At a recent speech held at Waterville’s Thomas College by Gov. Paul LePage, I was interviewed by a local TV reporter. As part of the audience, it was a surprise to me. Given some forewarning, my answers could have been better.

Here’s how I should have answered.

Question: Did you vote for Gov. LePage?

Answer: Yes. Twice and I would vote for him again.

Q: Why?

A: Because Gov. LePage has personal experience plus leadership training; the title of his speech today, “From poverty to prosperity,” is warranted. I was born and raised under the shadow of the Great Depression in Chicago. My father called it “the school of hard knocks.”


Q: What do you think about impeachment?

A: I agree. Impeach the Legislature guys. They need to understand that effective government requires cooperation as well as honesty. They were not elected to be lobbyists.

LePage gave an impressive speech. He was well-prepared with facts and figures to reveal his grasp of the business of government.

I differ with him only on the need of basic reform. Progress has come from the ground up. Maine has room for more family farms. At one time we were a net exporter of foods. Now we are net importers. Maine has to feed itself, and organically grown foods from family farms assure a future of young men and women capable of leading productive lives.

Farming is a business. Every farmer worth his salt knows that he has to produce a cash crop to sell.

Russ Vesecky


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