In a recent column, M.D. Harmon expressed support for an Article 5 Constitutional Convention aimed at amending the U.S. Constitution (“Time for an Article 5 Convention?,” Jan. 22).

Here is my list of amendments that such a convention, if convened, should approve:

An amendment declaring that corporations are not people and do not have any of the inherent rights of human persons.

An amendment declaring that giving money is not speech and that political contributions can be regulated with complete disclosure required.

An amendment stating that choices regarding human reproduction and reproductive health are solely the province of the individual person and shall not be intruded upon by any church or local, state or federal government interference.

An amendment declaring that there shall be no discrimination by any business, local, state or federal government in the areas of employment, housing, education, social contracts or provisions of services, based on gender, gender identification, gender affiliation, or sexual orientation.

An amendment stating that freedom of religion means the right to believe in one’s heart and mind whatever one chooses, the right to the practice of worship in one’s home or church and to declare publicly one’s belief’s, without interference from any local, state or federal government action. But freedom of religion does not permit any church or religion to impose it’s views or practices upon any non-consenting individual or upon any secular, civic governmental policy.

I believe these amendments would help move the U.S. into the 21st century and make the country more compassionate and truly democratic.

Bruce A. Letsch


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