WALES — Oak Hill High School announced its fall semester honor roll for the 2015-16 academic year.

Seniors — high honors: Brooke DePuy and Kylee Veilleux.

Honors: Alexis Banks, Kristina Caron, Katelyn Cloutier, Andrew Davis, Mariah Easler, Abigail Fuller, Jada Gastia, Alexis Gile, Torrie Gilson, Alisha Greenier, Katlyn Herbert, Tycen Hill, Tyler Hilliard, Christopher Hodgkins, Andrey Klokov, Kristin Leonard, Cassandra Lovell, Brittaney Marquis, Jonah Martin, MaKayla Nadeau, Sara Noel, Leanna Parker Bair, Alisha Pelletier, Matthew Plante, Alex Pomerleau, Jamie Prue, Joshua Robinson, Grace Sabine, Colby Spencer, Brooke Surette, Dalton Therrien, Catlaina Vrana, Ashlee Wilson and Dylan Wing.

Juniors — high honors: Halee Lair, Makenzie LeBlanc and Hannah Nadeau.

Honors: Mariah Banton, Sadie Chapman, Jeremiah Childs, Collin Clark, Dayna Conant, Kasey Doyle, Devon Fournier, Alexis Fuller, Anna Giandrea, Alicen Gilbert, Steven Gilbert, Erika Hannigan, Sierra Hill, Zoe Hill, Kaitlyn Lemay, Adam Mooney, Benjamin Ridlon, Timothy Riendeau, Hayden Rodrigue, Kierra Rolston, Colby Russell-Leo, Hayden Spencer, Matthew Strout, Cassidy Tibbetts, Charlotte Waterman and Samantha Weeks.

Sophomores — high honors: Ana Dodge, Michaela Gervais, Rylea-Mae Swan and Lindsey Weeks.

Honors: Daniel Aiken, Brianna Desrosiers, Sydney Drew, Cody Edwards, Alexandra Hall, Caleb Laliberty, Maegan Sheehy and Kiera-Caley Young.

Freshmen — high honors: Catherine Daigle, Alexis Faucher, James Greenwood, Miranda Kramer, Alani Lindsay, Jade Sturtevant and Sadie Waterman.

Honors: Ethan Barnett, Alexis Bean, Gracie Chasse, Andrew Day, Abriana Deslauriers, Gilson Edwards, Haley Gunn, Rachel Lovell, Sandy Mann, Noah Moring, Abigail Nadeau, Shyann Pessant, Ethan Richard, Kaylei Robichaud, Katie Shedd, Syerra Smith, Cassidy Spencer and Braedin Swift.

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