Giddy Up & Go 4-H Horse Club seeks help in supporting the local equine community by joining with them in the 9th annual Hay Raiser for the Double B Equine Rescue in Industry. Every year the club collects bales of hay, monetary donations, and other items for the local equine rescue and delivers them to the rescue. With the consistently high number of horses at Double B, there is no donation too small.

Currently there are 28 horses at Double B, ranging in age from eight months to 33. The smallest is Angle Marie, a mini horse born last June who sadly lost a leg due to an accident when she was just a few days old. The largest is a 10-year-old draft horse named Piper. The Rescue works hard to place horses in safe, loving homes and in recent weeks have adopted out five, including a mule.

The Hay Raiser is being conducted all this week and on Saturday morning, Feb. 20, club members will deliver hay and other donations to Double B on the West Mills Road.

If you would like to donate hay, grain or equipment, or for more information how you can help, call Janine Winn at 778-3856. To mail a donation, make checks out to Double B Equine Rescue and mail them to Giddy-Up & Go 4-H Horse Club, P.O. Box 518, Temple, ME 04984.

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