ROME — Residents opposed to a planned summer camp for foster children on Long Pond have filed an appeal of a building permit approved by the Planning Board last month.

The Rome Board of Appeals will hold a hearing on the appeal in late March, according to Chairman Peter Schultz.

Planning Board members approved plans for Camp Caruso at a meeting in January after months of procedural delays and widespread criticism of the proposal by nearby residents.

In an email Tuesday, Selectman Richard LaBelle said an attorney representing residents Doris and Eric Jorgenson and a group of residents filed an appeal to the building permit approved by the Planning Board.

Schultz, on Wednesday, said he learned about the appeal that morning from Code Enforcement Officer Andrew Marble.

“Andy has told us this is happening. That is as far as it has gone. Now I have to get everything together,” he said.

David Porter, from Sudbury, Massachusetts, intends to build a summer camp for male siblings separated in foster homes on part of a 68-acre parcel of land he owns on the northern end of Long Pond, an area known as Beaver Cove.

But neighbors and nearby residents, including the Jorgensens, who live next door to the proposed camp, came out strongly in opposition to the project, claiming it would destroy the peace and quiet of the area and harm the environment.

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