LIBERTY — Representatives from ReVision Energy, a solar energy installer, will hold a solar workshop from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, March 5, at 91 West Main St.

The focus of the workshop will be current and forthcoming solar energy options, including growing options for battery storage. Guests will have the opportunity to learn how solar electric (photovoltaic) systems, especially when paired with heat pump technology for supplemental space heating and water heating, are a cost-effective way to immediately reduce fuel usage. Current system pricing, financial incentives and loan programs, and community solar farm options in Maine will also be discussed, as well as potential changes to net-billing rules and other solar policies.

While there, guests are encouraged to see the building’s solar hot water and solar electric systems, as well as the cord wood boiler and air source heat pump used for space heating.

This events is free and open to the public, and all are welcome.

For more information, visit or by call 589-4171.

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