Each year, thousands of Mainers misplace or lose track of money or other assets. This may be due to an inactive bank account, unpaid wages or simply because the entity holding the property is unable to contact its rightful owner. The state treasurer’s office keeps a regularly updated unclaimed property list of all the individuals who have money owed to them.

In 2015, millions of dollars went unclaimed. Visit www.maine.gov/upsearch to search for your name. While you’re at it, you can also check out the national database at www.missingmoney.com.

You may be on the list due to a change of address, a new phone number or an uncashed check. Unclaimed property is turned over to the state treasurer’s office until it is claimed. You can claim your property on the treasurer’s website or by calling their office at 624-7470.

While to some this may sound like a scam, we promise you it’s not. We want any money or assets that belong to you to be put back in your hands. There are many names from Waterville, Winslow and surrounding towns on the website. Search for your name — it could pay off!

Rep. Henry Beck, D-Waterville

Rep. Catherine Nadeau, D-Winslow

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