The newspaper on Feb. 6 ran an editorial from The Washington Post telling us how the bank reform legislation called Dodd-Frank would cure all our ills provided by a corrupt banking system, and how Bernie Sanders push to break up the big banks is a wrongheaded approach (“How the big banks have changed”).

The editorial then exposed all the holes in Dodd-Frank and showed us that Sanders is right. Right now, the big three or four are bigger than ever, swallowing up smaller competition. The more they own, the more they control, and they know that.

They also know that, in another bad end, the taxpayer will still be on the hook. Not only must the “too big to fail” banks be broken up, but the tie between banking and gambling-house Wall Street must come to an end by passage of a revised Glass-Steagall Act.

Glass-Steagall was the firewall against the evil of greed and was repealed with both Republican and Democratic support in the 1990s. Shortly thereafter, all hell broke loose.

The Washington Post and its billionaire owner Jeff Bezos have a very fat money interest to protect and support. The Sanders campaign is putting all this out in the open for all to see. That the media would ignore substance and issues is no surprise to me and others paying attention. The issue is putting a large choke collar on the dogs of greed. The leash put on by Dodd-Frank will be broken at the first lunge.

Steve Aucoin


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