I have signed AARP Maine’s petition to protect basic landline telephone service in our state as my very life depends on my landline during a power outage.

I live in a remote cabin in the woods and am 87 years old. My only contact with my neighbors is by phone as they are over a mile away. It is impossible to hike out for help.

Sometimes the power is out due to nearby tree limbs or even squirrels popping the transformer. The rest of town is usually OK, but I am the last of the camps on the line grid. No one would know I was in trouble unless they could call me. Already I am concerned about the heating and plumbing in my house — I don’t need to worry about my telephone, too.

This is my home and I want to stay here as long as I can until perhaps I have to move to senior housing. Please don’t take away our basic landline telephone service. Many of us in Maine depend on it and don’t have another option.

Ruth C. Andren


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