Wow — our educational system is so broken that we have produced a whole generation that believes socialism is the answer to all our problems. Have they not seen what socialism has done for Venezuela, a country with the world’s largest oil reserves? Have they looked at Cuba, the old Soviet Union, most of Latin America? Argentina has everything needed to become one of the globe’s great, thriving democracies, if it were not for the intervention of socialism.

Yes, under free-market capitalism the very bright, hard-working risk takers become very wealthy, but those at the bottom end of the socioeconomic scale are also better off and able to excel. If we ascribe to the economics of punitive redistribution of wealth, we will reach a point where those who really want to excel will go elsewhere or retire. Everyone will be sort of equal, whether they work hard or loaf, and our once great nation will struggle to be mediocre. Please look at our history and try to understand why free-market capitalism once made us great, and the politics of class envy can destroy us.

Allen Massey


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