Town meeting, caucus, primary or general election, the choice is supposed to be yours. The media’s job is to report the facts and provide the information necessary for voters to make a smart choice. Instead it seems the media votes their choice in the boardroom then does everything possible to make the voters’ choice the same. It should be front-page news when Susan Sarandon rallies hundreds of people at a Bernie Sanders event in Augusta. It should be possible to read the opinion of Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s labor secretary, in support of Sanders, just as it is to read reasons for opposing him from M.D. Harmon, whoever he is.

On the Republican side, the media has decided Donald Trump should not be the nominee, and while I could never vote for him, it is the members of that party who should make the choice, not me, and not the media.

Can you imagine the crooks who launder mafia money judging the crooks they take it from? But media does that every election, then buries the money away in media bank accounts. Whether he wins or not, Sanders is raising important issues. The influence of Wall Street, money buying campaigns, bad trade policy, lax financial regulation, wars we should never have gotten into, and policies that make future war probable if not inevitable are just some of the issues he has raised. That is why I support him.

But the choice is up to the Maine people and I will respect that choice if media has not already made it for them.

George Hunt


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