Highlights of the Embden election and Town Meeting, held Friday and Saturday, respectively.

BUDGET: $1,172,390, approved.

MAJOR ITEMS APPROVED: Putting aside funding for a capital improvement project, a bridge that may need repair within the next year, $50,000.

MAJOR ITEMS REJECTED: A proposal to make the town positions of tax collector, town clerk and treasurer appointive rather than elective.

ATTENDANCE: 55 residents.

CONTESTED ELECTIONS: Road commissioner (one-year term), Michael Witham, 157 votes; Frank Nile, 113 votes.

REFERENDUMS: Changing the name of Katie Crotch Road, failed: 83-104. Establishing a recall ordinance for elected officials, passed: 129-122. Consolidating the Town Office and the community center, failed: 127-140.

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