This is in response to the Feb. 27 by Don Roberts column (“Shame on you, Mr. President”).

It amazes me that Roberts spent so much of his article praising Justice Antonin Scalia’s record of defending the Constitution as it was written. I’m quite sure that the Constitution states that when a Supreme Court justice dies it is the president who nominates a replacement, It is then up to the Senate to debate this individual and call for a vote. This is what I was taught in middle school.

Maine Sen. George Mitchell faced this same dilemma when he was the Senate majority leader in 1991. He opted to follow the Constitution as it was written and chose not to play politics. This allowed President George H.W. Bush to nominate Clarence Thomas.

I’m sure Scalia wasn’t offended by the absence of Obama. I think he would be more offended that our elected leaders are choosing to not follow the Constitution as it was written.

Joseph S. Fisher Sr.


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