While Bowdoin College, as a private institution, can do whatever it chooses (“2 Students face impeachment for party,” March 5), it appears to the average American that political correctness and the fear of (possibly) offending someone have been taken to an extreme.

Most people don’t want to deliberately insult, offend or discriminate against another person, but some people are now paranoid to do or say anything in fear of being impeached, expelled, suspended or otherwise called out in public when there was no malicious intent.

What is happening at Bowdoin is one many reasons why Americans are flocking to Donald Trump. They’re fed up with excessive liberalism and political correctness. It doesn’t seem to matter what is done, said or written — someone is always offended.

America is a diverse melting pot of many races, religions and people from around the world. This is one of our primary strengths. We’re all Americans. We should strive to be inclusive and fair, and to refrain from calling attention to a specific race, or we’ll never become one America.

As our population becomes more multiracial, what race are you going to label our children so that we don’t have a party that may offend them?

Dennis Lovejoy

Dayton, Ohio

(formerly of Augusta)

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