The winners of the 2016 State Finals of the 85th annual Maine Drama Festival have been announced. Eighteen schools competed last weekend for the state championship.

At the Class A Finals at Camden Hills Regional High School, Oceanside High School was the winner, and Falmouth High School was the runner-up. Oceanside has opted not to go to the New England Festival, so Falmouth will represent Class A.

At the Class B Finals at Stearns High School, Lisbon High School was the winner and Maine Central Institute was the runner-up. Lisbon has also opted not to go to the New England Festival, so MCI will represent Class B.

Falmouth High and MCI will represent Maine at the New England Drama Festival April 21-23 at Old Saybrook High School in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

Eighty schools competed in the regionals March 4-5, with 18 schools advancing to the two finals. Nearly 3,000 students participate in the annual event.



Judges’ Commendations

Cast and crew, stage and set Crew, “Elephant’s Graveyard,” Westbrook High School;

BEHS Stagecraft, scene design, “Free Will,” Bonny Eagle;

Abigail Spring, hair and makeup, “Free Will,” Bonny Eagle;

Lauren Francis, hair and makeup, “Free Will,” Bonny Eagle;

Ty Wyman, set design, “Of Mice and Men,” Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School;


Cast and rew, musical ensemble, “All in Disguise,” Oceanside;

Cast and Crew, ensemble, “All in Disguise,” Oceanside;

Cast and Crew, set design, “All in Disguise,” Oceanside;

Jennifer Carter, costume design, “All in Disguise,” Oceanside;

Phoebe Little, costume design, “The Children’s Hour,” South Portland High School;

Phoebe Little, set design and change choreography, “The Children’s Hour,” South Portland;


cast and crew, Dead Body Shtick, “The Game’s Afoot,” Waterville High School;

Cast and crew, overall technical excellence, “Ring Round the Moon,” Falmouth;

Jada Boggs, set and mixed media, “The Laramie Project,” Lawrence High School.


Performer, Role, Production, School

Allie Souza, Mrs. Amelia Tilford, “The Children’s Hour, “South Portland;


Angela Moline, Mary Tilford, “The Children’s Hour,” South Portland;

MacKenzie Jones, Martha Dobie, “The Children’s Hour,” South Portland;

Claire Jackson, Karen Wright, “The Children’s Hour,” South Portland;

Alden Mason, Piporello, “All in Disguise,” Oceanside;

Reagan Billingsley, Flavio, “All in Disguise,” Oceanside;

Chanel Courant, Florinda, “All in Disguise,” Oceanside;


Elliot Spear, Marco, All in Disguise, Oceanside;

Curran Grant, Pantalone, “All in Disguise,” Oceanside;

Brianna White-Ortiz, Columbina, “All in Disguise,” Oceanside;

Jacob Michaud, George, “Of Mice and Men,” Oxford Hills;

Colin Yenco, Lennie, “Of Mice and Men,” Oxford Hills;

Isaiah Alexander, Curley, “Of Mice and Men,” Oxford Hills;


Mia White, Witch, “Free Will,” Bonny Eagle;

Gerald Davis, Iago, “Free Will,” Bonny Eagle;

Rose Michelson, Juliet, “Free Will,” Bonny Eagle;

Becca Bramble, Trainer, “Elephant’s Graveyard,” Westbrook;

Andrew Henward, Strongman, “Elephant’s Graveyard,” Westbrook;

Keegan Perry, Clown, “Elephant’s Graveyard”;


Adrianis Clark, Steam Shovel Operator, “Elephant’s Graveyard,” Westbrook;

Paula Crucianelli, Young Townsperson, “Elephant’s Graveyard,” Westbrook;

Sean Soucy, Hugo and Frederic, “Ring Round the Moon,” Falmouth;

Brooke Bazarian, Isabelle, “Ring Round the Moon,” Falmouth;

Maya Michaud, Diana, “Ring Round the Moon,” Falmouth;

Gwen Pasch, Mme MerDesmortes, “Ring Round the Moon,” Falmouth;


Campbell Gibson, Dr Cantway, “The Laramie Project,” Lawrence;

Jada Boggs, Russell Henderson, “The Laramie Project,” Lawrence;

Cody Short, Dennis Shepard, “The Laramie Project,” Lawrence;

Cassidi Poulin, Matt Galloway, “The Laramie Project,” Lawrence;

Hannah Comfort, Martha Gillette, “The Game’s Afoot,” Waterville;

Ty LeCrone, Felix Geisel, “The Game’s Afoot,” Waterville;


Jonathan Thompson, William Gillette, “The Game’s Afoot,” Waterville.

Final ranking, Class A

1. Oceanside

2. Falmouth

3. Lawrence

4. Westbrook



Judges’ Commendations

Winslow, excellence in lighting in tribunal to Anna Pellerin and Michael Bryan; and ensemble acting in tribunal for the tribunal.

Freeport, overall technical excellence in the world premiere of “Out of the Machinery” to Freeport High School; and outstanding student direction in the world premiere of “Out of the Machinery” to Simon Handelman and Ethan Pierce.

Maine Central Institute, outstanding costume, hair and make-up design in “These Shining Lives,” Bailey Huff, Kristen Shute, Aspen Bryson, Riley Trafton, Elspeth Taylor; and Outstanding set and clockwork design to the cast and crew of “These Shining Lives.”

Lincoln Academy, excellence in stage management in “Beauty” to Ryan Kohnert; outstanding use of projection in “Beauty” to Miles Jackson; and ensemble movement to the cast of “Beauty.”


MDI, excellence in sound design in “The Other Shore” to Max Cornman, Jacob Sanner, Ben Hagle; and excellence in video design in “The Other Shore” to Pierce Vincenty, Mason Gurtler.

Baxter Academy, excellence in sound effects in “How To Survive a Horror Movie” to Abram Collette.

Ellsworth, excellence in music composition, arrangement and performance in Bound to Phillip Wright, Justin Brown, Elijah Wheaton.

Lisbon, excellence in dramaturgy in “The Impostures of Scapin” to Jake Fusaro; and excellence in costume design in “The Impostures of Scapin” to the LHS Costuming Class.


School, Production, Role, Performer (alphabetical)


Winslow, “Tribunal,” Emily, Cassie Thompson; Robert, Wyatt Hughes; Deirdre, Adrienne Lakey; and Pete, Cameron Fredette.

Lee Academy, “The Other Room,” Austin, Steven Hadder; Lily, Lauren Dodge.

Foxcroft Academy, “Cheating Death,” Deb, Brianna Adkins; and Bob, Ethan Poland.

Freeport, “The World Premiere of Out of the Machinery,” Roman Tuppence, Jordan Grotz; Hank Emory, Ben Morang; and Perturbed Pottery Customer, Jefferson Lane.

Maine Central Institute, “These Shining Lives,” Catherine Donohue, Mikayla Carr; and Charlotte, Miranda Torres.

Lincoln Academy, “Beauty,” Beast, Sam Bailey; and Enchantress, Toru Fiberesima.


MDI, “The Other Shore,” An Actor Playing with Ropes, Mary Paola; and Language Teacher, Heart, Natalie Rogers.

Baxter Academy, “How to Survive a Horror Movie,” Laurie, Kaitlyn Prophett; and Charlie, Riley Deraps.

Ellsworth, Bound, Promethea, Hannah Box; Io, Whitney Pierson; and Pandora, Jessica Cohen.

Lisbon, “The Impostures of Scapin,” Geronte, Jake Angelico; Scapin, Eric Yim; and Silvester, Gage Wright.

Final rankings, Class B

1. Lisbon


2. MCI

3. Lee Academy

4. Ellsworth

5. MDI

6. Lincoln

7. Freeport

8. Winslow

9. Baxter

10. Foxcroft

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