DEW Haven is a wonderful place I have yet to be able to visit. Bob and Julie Miner are two caring people I have not yet met. I look forward to a day very soon when I will be able to visit this little piece of animal heaven and shake hands with the two gracious people who created and lovingly manage it.

As we often hear these days, it is time (past time really) for the hate-mongering to stop. To even hint that DEW Haven is anything short of a loving, caring and healthy environment for animals who have been cruelly treated in the past is unfair.

Everyone knows that Viet Nam was a bad “war,” that the soldiers were blamed for following the orders of their superiors, and that those superiors were blamed for following mandates from a government that sent them there. It has all been hashed and rehashed ad nauseum and it needs to stop.

The fact is that Bob Miner fought for this country as a U.S. Marine not once but twice. Semper Fi. Now he spends his days with the love of his life creating a world in which his beloved animals can thrive after a horrible time in many of their lives.

Bob and Julie Miner deserve our appreciation, our support and our respect, not anyone’s condemnation.

Linda Stewart


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