I pray I am not the only one who is exhausted from the way our differences have been segmented by the media, exploited by egomaniac candidates, and supported by many angry and frustrated people.

Our political system has devolved into childish, boorish, very hateful bigotry and has negatively affected many of us. The Republican Party is not your grandfather’s GOP, and sadly it has held our country hostage for seven-plus years because we elected a black president. Seditious, obstructionist senators and extreme congressional representatives from the GOP have refused to do the work they were elected to do. If we elect a woman as our next president, should we expect more of the same?

Also tired of the misinformed who bash our president because they listened to a talking head from the “conservative” hate machine and did not fact-check because Fox News never lies. We have been very fortunate to have someone who in the face of all this obstruction, has consistently shown us intelligence and grace. History will document all accomplishments and missteps, showing what President Barack Obama did to move our country forward.

Our vote is the only power we have, so it makes sense to use it wisely. Please vote for independent-thinking representatives who will compromise. Imagine positive, hopeful news more often. We can enforce the rule of law, legislate secure borders and intelligent immigration, a fair tax code, cost-effective quality health care and much more. Imagine our political representatives using decorum, being polite and actually improving our laws. We just need to vote for people who do not sign foolish pledges to the wealthy, who will negotiate versus dictate and find compromise for the good of Maine and the United States of America.

Dennis St. Jean


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