Hillary Clinton brought in more campaign cash in April than rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, the first time in months that the Democratic front-runner has bested Sanders and his juggernaut of fervent supporters willing to donate over and over.

Clinton’s campaign said Monday it raised about $26.4 million in donations for the primary. Sanders’ campaign said Sunday that it brought in $25.8 million in April.

Clinton’s success in April was due more to a dramatic drop-off in Sanders’s donations rather than a big spike in hers. Sanders had brought in about $44 million a month in February and March; Clinton’s haul for March was about $27 million.

The drop-off for Sanders coincides with the narrowing of his chances to defeat Clinton, who remains far ahead of him in votes and delegates. Clinton has won six of the last seven state contests, including the two biggest prizes on the calendar in April, New York and Pennsylvania.

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