In his recent column, Greg Kesich distorted my position on a bill and left out key facts about the events that transpired on the final day of the session.

Let me be perfectly clear: I voted in favor of L.D. 1649, which would have expanded solar energy throughout Maine. When Gov. Paul LePage vetoed the bill, I voted to override his veto when it was first presented. Those are facts.

The real story of dishonesty was conveniently omitted from Kesich’s column, so allow me to provide the facts of what transpired.

As I stated, I voted to override the governor’s veto and when it was apparent the House would sustain, House Democratic Leader Jeff McCabe, a loud and vocal supporter of the solar bill, switched his vote at the last possible second.

By doing so, McCabe voted to sustain the governor’s veto, putting him on the prevailing side. According to House rules, any member on the prevailing side can request a reconsideration of the vote. Typically, this motion occurs when new information comes to light.

Soon after he switched his vote, McCabe intentionally misstated his motives for doing so on the House floor and called the bill back up for reconsideration. His behavior actually drew laughter from his fellow Democrats in the chamber. I don’t see the humor in McCabe’s actions; in fact, I find them deplorable.

I also believe that when a supposedly reputable newspaper omits key facts and distorts the truth in an attempt to smear a sitting state representative, there should be consequences. Greg Kesich owes me and my colleagues an apology. At the very least, he should print a correction to his column. If he refuses, then I hope the Portland Press Herald would show him the door.

Michael Timmons is a Republican state representative from Cumberland.

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