Kents Hill School recognized students for academic achievement during its Spring Convocation April 12.

Seniors — highest honors: Victoria Hatchell, of Readfield; Owen MacDonald, of Hallowell; Anne McKee, of Hallowell; Sam Onion, of Wayne; Aimee Sala, of Kingfield; and Ethan Wilson, of Carrabassett Valley.

High honors: Josh Bell, of Kents Hill; Sarah Dube, of Kents Hill; Mary Erb, of Readfield; Paige Frawley, of Wayne; Mark Snyder, of Cumberland; Taylor Thayer, of West Gardiner; and Sarah Williamson, of Jefferson.

Honors: Luke Arsenault, of Manchester; Kaylee Bilodeau, of Winthrop; Amy de Haas, of Winthrop; Cameron Frawley, of Wayne; Matt Henderson, of Scarborough; Liz Vigue, of Belgrade; Leo Washburn, of Rockport; and Morgan Zenter, of Castine.

Juniors — highest honors: Isabel Charland, of Fayette; Madison Neal, of Monmouth; and Katie Sprague, of Manchester.

High honors: Allison Frechette, of Lewiston; and Mckensi Matula, of Albion.

Honors: Nick Cerullo, of Farmingdale; Leah Dufour, of Winthrop; Nina Fulmer, of Readfield; Ellie Keeley, of Readfield; and Alexis Miller, of East Boothbay.

Sophomores — highest honors: Chris Erb, of Readfield; Kate McKee, of Hallowell; and Chad Palmer, of Manchester.

High honors: Claire Colvin, of Kents Hill; and Katelyn McGrail, of Wayne.

Honors: Ben Danielson, of Readfield; Drew Eid, of Gorham; and Zach Whitestone, of Winthrop.

Freshmen — highest honors: Mariah Charland, of Fayette; Alex Eason, of East Boothbay; Nick Lindquist, of Readfield; and Nevin Sabatini, of Camden.

High honors: Catherine Gibbs, of Winslow; Liz Hammond, of Belgrade; Graham Hannon, of Kents Hill; Hannah Johnson, of Readfield; Rebecca Penczer, of Kents Hill; and Drake Wheelden, of Kents Hill.

Honors: Isaac Bell, of Kents Hill; Grace Chute, of Kents Hill; Kaden Symes, of Monmouth; and Katya Zeleniak, of Litchfield.