Nothing is more unsettling than seeing addicts and doctors saying how pot is the answer to our opiod epidemic. Get real people!

Trading a drug for a drug is just setting up a person to likely fail or even die trying to get well. Do you honestly think an addict is going to pay five times more for a drug that has not any proven success whatsoever in the recovery world?

Everyone wants the easier, softer way. To get healthy and clean, it takes feeling that intense withdrawal for weeks, even months, along with emotions and feelings you never thought you had. And the fortunate thing is with each passing day and each suggestion from people who have been right where you are, you’ll never have to go it alone.

It’s up to the addict with substantial time clean to reach out to the person struggling and trying to cope with the sometimes intense transitions. When an addict helps another addict it helps both of them — you must give what you’ve learned away in order to keep it.

They’ll always be obstacles in recovery — just keep going forward and face the fears you can do it. If I did it, anyone can!

Todd Pooler


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