Recently, I learned a former Navy colleague, Bryan Cutchen, is running in the Republican primary in Maine’s Senate District 14. It appeared to me his biggest advantage for the people of Maine might not be realized because he served out of the state during his 30-year military career.

I served with Bryan for several years. He was always fair to fellow sailors. He inspired people through professionalism and example. We flew numerous missions together and I trust him totally.

I would contend Bryan’s view of what works in numerous communities during his assignments is a huge advantage over other candidates. He brings to Maine the best of both worlds: a local hero with a world’s view on problem solving.

Although Bryan was not physically in the state of Maine, we all knew where he was from because he told us gleefully all the time. Please vote for Bryan Cutchen in Senate District 14.

Larry Hushour

U.S. Navy (retired)

Mount Airy, Maryland

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